Reliability Services


Issue: Not sure where to start (or accelerate) your maintenance excellence journey?

Solution: Employ a comprehensive, onsite Maintenance Excellence Status Assessment (MESA) and transition your maintenance function from a cost center to a profit center. The following deliverables help you and your team achieve maintenance excellence:

  • Executive Summary

  • Scoring Summary & Gap Analysis

  • Customized Maintenance Master Plan

    • (Tasks, Timelines & Required Resources)

Choose from one of the following MESAs:

  • MESA (3 Days Onsite, 1 Day Offsite): The 15 functional building blocks of maintenance excellence are assessed. The resultant score indicates how far along your site is on its maintenance excellence journey, whether it be highly reactive or approaching world class.

  • MESA CMMS (2 Days Onsite, 1 Day Offsite): CMMS utilization is assessed.

  • MESA Parts (2 Days Onsite, 1 Day Offsite): The policies, procedures, and standards that support your storeroom and optimal inventory management are assessed.

  • MESA PMs (2 Days Onsite, 1 Day Offsite): PM strategy and effectiveness are assessed.

CMMS Naming Standards

Establishes the foundation for data collection and building an effective CMMS, allowing organizations to optimally utilize their CMMS software and realize the benefits that it has to offer.

  • Data Collection

  • Naming & Numbering Standards

CMMS Data Collection

Regardless of your data collection need (equipment, parts, PMs, etc.), complete and accurate data is efficiently collected and entered into your CMMS.

Maintenance Storeroom Services

While starting up new maintenance storerooms or improving current ones, the following items are addressed:

  • 5S the Storeroom

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Naming & Numbering Standards

  • Maintenance Storeroom Layouts

  • Bin Locations & Labels

  • Barcoding

PM Development & Optimization

Existing PM strategies are evaluated. After determining which maintenance strategy (run-to-failure, PM, or PdM) delivers the best financial impact to your operation, PMs are then created and / or optimized to increase reliability.