Operations Management


The more a process varies, the more it costs. Tightening the control over the workflow and data inside and outside of your CMMS optimizes performance and minimizes costs. Reduce the variation within your plant or facility by teaming with CMMS Data Group to bring clarity to your processes. First, we define your current processes.  Then, we work with you and your team to optimize those processes.  Once optimized, standard operating procedures (SOPs) are created to support this optimization.  SOPs:

  • Reduce Variation
  • Ensure Quality Control
  • Incorporate Best Practices
  • Maximize Efficiency
  • Share Knowledge



The more data is standardized data, the better it is utilized. Define data standards for optimal CMMS searches, queries and reports and to ensure that new data is entered correctly.


The better operations are understood, the easier they can be optimized. Working with you and your team, we define your processes using the following tools:

  • Flowcharting
  • Process Mapping
  • Brainstorming Sessions

During these activities, bottlenecks, duplicated efforts and areas of waste are exposed, resulting in significant opportunity.