MVP Capture Mobile CMMS for MP2

Increase productivity while ensuring precise data.

Users never have to cradle their devices (unless there is no wireless network) because wireless updates are instantaneously reflected in MP2 and on each handheld device. Work orders, equipment, parts, etc. are identified with a barcode label. Personnel simply scan barcode labels, eliminating data collection and entry errors while saving a tremendous amount of time and money.

No More Paper!

MVP Capture supports the green movement by eliminating paper. When paper is eliminated, so are the costs associated with buying and processing it.

Increased Productivity

With paperless transactions, maintenance and facilities personnel no longer have to go back to the shop to update work orders or to obtain new job assignments. Productivity gains are also realized for parts personnel because they no longer have to go back to a computer to update part check outs, returns, counts or receipts. More time becomes available to ensure higher levels of uptime and customer satisfaction.

Accurate Data

All transactions are accurately tracked because MVP Capture is easy to use, resulting in optimal reporting and decision-making.


Work Orders: 100% of all work, planned and unplanned, is tracked, making equipment with high maintenance costs easy to detect.

Parts & PO Receipts: 100% of all parts transactions is tracked, making inventory management easy and equipment with high material costs easy to detect. Downtime due to out-of-stock parts and costs associated with overnight deliveries is minimized, if not eliminated.

Meters: Update meter readings to track history and initiate preventive (PM) and predictive (PdM) work orders.

Recommended Hardware

Motorola MC55

Recommended for maintenance and facilities personnel. It is one of the world’s premium enterprise digital assistants (EDAs), offering more features and functionality than any other device in its class.

Motorola MC9200

Recommended for inventory personnel. It offers a comfortable ergonomic pistol grip to enable real-time data collection in maintenance storerooms and scan-intensive environments.

* In addition to the hardware listed above, MVP Capture will run on any barcode scanner with Windows Mobile 5 (or newer)

MVP Capture Mobile Barcode Solution for MP2