MP2 Add-Ons

Enhance MP2* with the Following Add-Ons:

MVP Capture Barcoding Solution for MP2

MVP Capture, an MP2 add-on, is a barcode software solution that works with wireless barcode scanners to track complete and accurate data. Updates are instantaneous and immediately reflected in MP2 and on each wireless handheld device – devices never have to be cradled. Work orders, equipment, parts, etc. are identified with a barcode label. Personnel simply scan the barcode label they need to enter, eliminating all data collection and entry errors while saving significant time and money.

MP2 Add-On MVP Capture Barcode Solution

PLC Integration

Connect MP2 to equipment PLCs to eliminate data collection / entry, ensure precise data and generate meter-based PMs and PdMs.

MP2 Add-On Meter PLC Integration


Give machine operators, front office personnel and tenants an easy way to submit work requests without having to purchase additional MP2 seats. CMMS EZ Entry improves communication between your department and the rest of your organization because requestors always know the status of their requests without having to contact you or your team for updates.

MVP Add-On CMMS EZ Entry

Inventory Web Query (IWQ)

Share data between plants / facilities without the enterprise version of MP2. Via the Web, IWQ gives users an easy way to search for parts, spare parts lists and PM tasks. Overnight shipping charges and downtime due to long lead times are eliminated when a part is quickly and easily located at a sister plant. Or, simply use IWQ to give employees an easy way to find a part. Once a part is found, information is displayed on one screen instead of on multiple tabs.

MP2 Add-On Inventory Web Query

Inventory Walk Down Sheet (IWDS)

Eliminate data collection sheets and ensure initial data entry is correct the first time, saving significant time and money. At the end of each day, data is uploaded to MP2 and labels are printed and applied to each item.

MP2 Add-On Inventory Walk Down Sheet

*MP2 is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), also known as an enterprise asset management (EAM) system or a facilities asset management system (FAMS).