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MVP Plant™ Mobile CMMS

Increase reliability AND productivity.

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Issue: Accurate work and parts history is a must for increased equipment reliability, however, many companies lack this information because it’s labor-intensive and time-consuming.

When equipment reliability lacks, the following results:

  • Downtime
  • Decreased Asset Life
  • Production Overtime
  • Etc.

Mobile Maintenance, Facilities, Reliability, and Inventory personnel need a solution that ensures accurate history and eliminates data entry so that they can focus their attention on uptime, customer satisfaction, and reliability, not data entry.

Solution: MVP Plant Mobile CMMS 

Increased Reliability
Accurate history paints a clear picture of a Maintenance / Facilities Department. With a clear picture, optimal decisions can be made to save time and money and increase equipment reliability.

Increased Productivity
Mobile CMMS increases employee productivity by eliminating paper and the transportation costs associated with walking back and forth to a computer to make updates. Transactions are entered wirelessly via the keyboard, touch-screen, barcode scanner, or voice-to-text and reflected instantaneously in MVP Plant and on all other devices. New job assignments are automatically download to each device.


  • Simplified Tracking
  • Online & Offline Capabilities
  • Reduced or Eliminated Data Entry & Paper
  • Complete & Accurate Data
  • Date & Time Stamped Transactions

A picture is worth a 1,000 words! Take a picture and instantaneously update a People, Part or Asset record with it.

Pictures make finding parts, people, and assets easier, especially for new hires.

Purchasing Clerks love this feature because it makes sourcing out a new part easy. Just email the part record report to the vendor instead of trying to explain what it looks like over the phone.


Work Orders
Mobile CMMS facilitates data collection and ensures accurate history with the following features:
•   Automatic Labor & Downtime Tracking
•   Quick & Easy Parts Tracking
•   Voice-to-Text Comments
•   Instruction Steps with Pictures & Checkboxes
•   Work Request Template Functionality
•   Failure Analysis
•   Downloaded Attachments (Images & PDFs) 
•   Signoff Signatures (Touchscreen or Mouse)

All parts transactions are tracked, making inventory and purchasing management simple and efficient.

Additionally, equipment with high material costs is easy to detect, and downtime due to out-of-stock parts and costs associated with overnight deliveries are minimized, if not eliminated.

Additional Capabilities

Meter reading updates are seamless and automatically initiate preventive (PM) and predictive (PdM) work orders when applicable.

Always know whether a tool is in the storeroom or checked out to a person, asset, cost center or work order.

Operating Systems
•   Android™ 4.0.3+
•   iOS 7.0+
•   Windows Mobile 6.0+

Recommended Hardware




Windows Mobile

    MC55 Series

    MC55 Series

                   MC9200 Series

                   MC9200 Series



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