Maintenance Storeroom Services

Tame the Inventory Beast and increase uptime.

Parts, parts, and more parts! Even if you have the best equipment, the best processes, and the best team, this means little if a $5 critical part is out-of-stock. A low-cost, out-of-stock part can result in significant downtime, cost, and frustration. Let CMMS Data Group guide you to optimal inventory management and tame your Inventory Beast to minimize and / or eliminate the following parts-related issues:

Maintenance Storeroom Services
  • Equipment Downtime
  • High Inventory and Procurement Costs
  • Part Shortages, Surpluses & Obsolescence
  • Time Consuming Cycle Counts & Physical Inventories
  • Unsuccessful Part Searches

Maintenance Storeroom Excellence Training: 3 Days

Learn how to implement and sustain maintenance storeroom excellence at your company.  

  • Day 1: Best Practices
  • Day 2: 5S Workflows & SOPs
  • Day 3: Layouts & Analysis

Optimal Inventory Management

CMMS Data Group will guide you and your team to optimal inventory management by analyzing your storeroom and procedures and sharing best practices with you. Then, we'll tame the inventory beast with the following 5 Ss, a proven methodology, to organize and gain control of your inventory:

  • Sorting
  • Storing
  • Shining
  • Standardizing
  • Sustaining

Once your inventory is under control, a computerized parts management system will be explored to maintain that control, saving your company significant time and money. 

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