Maintenance Excellence Status Assessment™ (MESA™)

Webinar: MESA Introduction

Watch the following recorded webinar (led by Bill Mountjoy, CMMS Data Group's VP of Reliability Engineering) to learn what a MESA is all about:

Bill Mountjoy, CMRP, VP of Reliability Engineering

Bill Mountjoy, CMRP, VP of Reliability Engineering


Maintenance Excellence

When an organization achieves maintenance excellence, it transitions its maintenance function from a cost center to a profit center and realizes the following:

  • Improved Mechanical Uptime

    • (World-Class Standard: 98%)

  • Increased Capacity & Reliability

  • Minimized Costs (Maintenance & Conversion)

  • Mitigated Risk to Quality, Safety & Property Loss

  • Optimized Inventory

    • (Reduces equipment downtime by up to 25%.)


Not sure where to start (or accelerate) your maintenance excellence journey.


Employ a MESA today! A MESA is a comprehensive, onsite evaluation assessing the 15 functional building blocks of maintenance excellence. The resultant score indicates how far along your site is on its maintenance excellence journey, whether it be highly reactive or approaching world class. The following deliverables help you and your team achieve maintenance excellence:

  • Executive Summary

  • Scoring Summary & Gap Analysis

  • Customized Maintenance Master Plan (Tasks, Timelines & Required Resources)

The 15 Building Blocks of Maintenance Excellence


The 1,000-point quantitative and qualitative assessment determines whether your maintenance function has the proper policies, procedures, tools, and operational alignment to establish it as a profit center.

The total impact of your company’s operations on maintenance excellence is evaluated and strengths and gaps are identified.

MESA Sampler

Select the following button to complete a MESA sampler. The sampler (about 1/10th of the complete assessment) provides a general gauge of how you and your organization would rank in 4 of the 15 critical building blocks of maintenance excellence.

MESA Options

Choose from one of the following MESAs:

  • MESA (5 Days): The 15 functional building blocks of maintenance excellence are assessed.

  • MESA CMMS (3 Days): Utilization of your CMMS is assessed.

  • MESA Parts (3 Days): The policies, procedures, and standards that support your storeroom and optimal inventory management are assessed.

  • MESA PMs (3 Days): The strategy and effectiveness of your PMs are assessed.