Maintenance Excellence Status Assessment™ (MESA™)

Webinar: MESA Introduction

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Why Maintenance Excellence?

When an organization achieves maintenance excellence, it transitions its maintenance function from a cost center to a profit center and realizes the following results:

  • Improved Mechanical Uptime

    • (World-Class Standard: 98%)

  • Increased Capacity & Reliability

  • Minimized Costs (Maintenance & Conversion)

  • Optimized Inventory

    • (Reduces equipment downtime by up to 25%.)

  • Mitigated Risk to Quality, Safety & Property Loss


Not sure where to start to acheive maintenance excellence or accelerate your current journey.


Employ a MESA today! MESAs let you and your organization know where to start or improve your current maintenance excellence journey. It’s a comprehensive, onsite evaluation assessing the 15 functional building blocks of maintenance excellence and delivers the following items to help you and your team achieve maintenance excellence:

  • Executive Summary

  • Scoring Summary & Gap Analysis

  • Customized Master Project Plan (Tasks, Timelines & Required Resources)

The 15 Building Blocks of Maintenance Excellence


The 1,000-point quantitative and qualitative assessment determines if your maintenance function has the proper policies, procedures, tools, and operational alignment to establish it as a profit center.

The total impact of your company’s operations on maintenance excellence is evaluated and strengths and gaps are identified.

MESA Sampler

Select the following button to complete a MESA Sampler. The Sampler (about 1/10th of the complete assessment) provides a general gauge of how you and your organization would rank in 4 of the 15 critical building blocks of maintenance excellence.