MVP Plant Hosting Options

Choose the option that works best for your organization.

One option is not better that the other. You'll receive the same great software and expert support regardless of the option that you choose.


Constant improvements in Internet bandwidth and security have made cloud-based options viable for many companies. Plus, we partnered with Rackspace, rated #1 by Gartner and in their Magic Quadrant, to make this option worry-free. 


Some companies prefer on-premise installations to own the software rather than to lease it.  

Hosted Licenses

This is a mix of cloud and on-premises option. You can buy the software licenses, but still have us host the system for you.

Item Cloud Hosted Licenses On-Premises
Support Fees
Included Software List Price (20%) Software List Price (20%)
Application Installation Not Applicable Not Applicable Local Server Installation
Database Location Rackspace Rackspace Customer
Database Support & Backups Included, Automatic, and Redundant Included, Automatic, and Redundant Customer
Hosting Fees Included Annual Fee Not Applicable
IT Support Included Included Customer
100% 100% 100%
0% 100% 100%
Security Highest Standards of Physical Sercurity Highest Standards of Physical Security Customer
Updates Automatic
(Every 4 Mos.)
(Every 4 Mos.)
(Every 8 Mos.)
Upfront Costs Low Medium High