About Us

Mission Statement

To give maintenance, facilities, reliability, and inventory professionals technology tools to work smarter and more efficiently.

Our Mantra

Shared Knowledge * Quality Results

It's all about sharing knowledge. When information is shared, learning occurs. When learning occurs, quality results can be achieved.

Why CMMS Data Group & MVP Capture were Created

In the late '90s, Ruth Hughes (née Olszewski), CMMS Data Group's founder and CEO, traveled 100% as an MP2™ CMMS software training consultant. Every time she left a plant or facility, she was routinely asked:

  1. How do I get all of our data into the system?
  2. What are other companies doing?
  3. Can you come back and help us on the weekends?

Since Ruth traveled 100% (Sunday - Friday), her only free day was Saturday, so her answer was no, even though she wanted to help. 

Then, an Avery Dennison maintenance manager and his supervisor offered Ruth an eye-opening dollar amount for MP2 help on the weekends. At this point, she knew there was a market for good CMMS software help, but Ruth wasn’t ready to start a company until she saw and experienced something special. 

A company that she visited had created a barcode solution to collect work order data and update their CMMS with it. Ruth was awestruck and had a flood of ideas on how she could take this basic concept and turn it into something amazing to help customers answer their question, "How do I get all the data into the system?" 

As she left the plant and walked down the sidewalk, the sun was setting. It was at this beautiful moment that she decided to build a company to help CMMS users. The ideas of CMMS Data Group and MVP Capture were born and put into reality in 2000.

Why MVP Plant was Created

CMMS Data Group was founded in 2000 to help MP2 CMMS software users. Because customers were so pleased with our MP2 trainingMP2 technical support, and MP2 add-ons, they repeatedly asked, "When are you going to build your own CMMS?" We were delighted by this question, but thought there was already too much competition out there and assumed most companies already owned a CMMS. 

Soon thereafter, it was realized that the competition was not that great (customers were being charged significant technical support fees for software that was out-of-date and not user-friendly) and that many companies still needed CMMS software. We then decided to create amazing CMMS software to further help maintenance, facilities, reliability, and inventory professionals. 

In 2008, MVP Plant CMMS software was released. MVP Plant uses the latest technology and is complete with years of CMMS, maintenance, reliability and inventory feedback, making it the most powerful and easy-to-use system available on the market today. With MVP Plant, first came the mobile CMMS (MVP Capture), then came the CMMS. No other CMMS software company can say this.

Even though we now offer MVP Plant CMMS software, MP2 users are the reason why we are here today. If you currently have MP2 and would like to make the most of it, we're here to help. If you are looking for an alternative, we would be pleased to share MVP Plant with you.

Why CMMS Data Group Continues to Grow

CMMS Data Group continues to grow because of: 

Customer Satisfaction
Customers are satisfied with our products and services because they are smart, easy-to-use, and save time and money. 

Customers are satisfied with us because we are smart, we listen, and we work hard to fulfill their requests.

CMMS Data Group understands the challenges that maintenance, facilities, reliability, and inventory professionals face on a daily basis and has built tools to help them with these challenges. 

We also know that these professionals are the most valuable players (MVPs) in an organization, not a necessary evil, because they ensure customer satisfaction by making sure that everything works and runs well.